Terms for hire

Hedevej 1, 8882 Fårvang.



PLEASE NOTE that we have new terms from 1st September 2021.

N.B. During the Corona pandemi, the hirer is responsible for keeping to the offficial rules.

  1. The hirer has the use of the premises mentioned in the agreement, for which payment has
    been made, from 10 am to 6 am, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. The hirer must be at least 21 years of age. The house is not available for youth parties.
  1. When the large kitchen and the small kitchen are hired out to 2 different events, the tableware,
    the dishwasher and the coffee machine must be shared.
    (Note: The small kitchen contains only a sink, coffee machine, kettle, microwave and bottle coolers/fridge. There is no oven, hob or freezer.)
  1. The hirer is responsible for leaving the premises tidied and cleaned.
    The chairs, in stacks of 8, must be replaced in the stage area. The tables cleaned but not moved.
    The floors in the hired rooms and hallways vacuumed.
    If the kitchens are included, they must be left clean.
    If the hirer engages others to use the kitchen, they must also read these terms.
    Remember to bring containers for possible left-overs.
  2. All kitchenware, porcelain, glass, cutlery and the like must be put in place after washing.
  3. Toilet paper and paper towels are provided, but not tablecloths, dishcloths or tea towels.
  4. Empty packaging and all other waste must be placed in the containers at the north side of the
    depot building. Glass in the wooden box. Everything else in the plastic containers. Cardboard
    boxes must be flattened.
  5. The stage can be built up to 60 cm. This can be requested up to a week before the hire.
    The hirer is not permitted to set up the stage himself.
  6. No smoking inside. Visitors may only smoke outside. Remember to remove cigarette butts.
  7. Do not throw rice, cinnamon or the like indoors. Rice, confetti etc. thrown outside must be
    swept up.
  8. If loud music or other noise is used, keep doors and windows closed so that neighbours are
    disturbed as little as possible.
  9. The hirer is responsible for any damage caused to the building or inventory during the hire.
    Any damages must be compensated at cost price including necessary repairs.
    Nothing belonging to the house must be removed.
  10. The hirer is given a key at the beginning of the hire and is responsible for all windows being
    closed and all exterior doors locked when leaving the building. At the end of the hire, the key
    must delivered to the post box at Skovvænget 32.
  11. Rent is paid when booking, or one year before the date of the hire.
    If the hire is cancelled earlier than 3 months before the hire date, 50% of the rent is returned.
    If cancelled later than 3 months before the hire, nothing will be refunded.